The Single Singers


After the first performance at LACF2012, The Single Singers have quickly become a global phenomenon, with similar groups popping up in the USA (The Single Singers (DC), The PickUps) and Asia (The Single Singers Asia).

The Single Singers was originally created for the London A Cappella Festival in January 2012. Its inspired founders started the group as a way to give singers that were coming to the festival on their own the opportunity to actually perform in a group. Besides that, it is a wonderful way to meet interesting new people. And best of all, they all love a cappella singing!

So, if (and ONLY if) you’re coming to Vocalmente on your own, or without a complete group to perform with, contact either Emily May or Annemarie about joining The Single Singers at Vocalmente.

You have to:
– be able to learn your parts at home
– have at least one ticket to the festival
– come on your own or with only part of your group

You can apply or ask for more information via or, if you’re on Facebook, via Annemarie Homan or Emily May ‘t Hoen.

Attention: if you apply for The Single Singers at Vocalmente, you commit yourself to two rehearsals and one performance! We will be counting on you :)

See you soon!

Annemarie Homan & Emily May ‘t Hoen