Club For Five

21/8 h21.00
Fossano, Piazza XXVII Marzo 1861

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Finland’s favorite vocal quintet Club for Five is known for its lively performances and open-minded approach to singing – sometimes even challenging conventional wisdom about the capabilities of the human voice. Rooted in Nordic music tradition, but strongly influenced by jazz and pop the music of five skilled vocalists – Maija Sariola, Susanna Lukkarinen, Jouni Kannisto, Juha Viitala and Tuukka Haapaniemi – is full of colors and delightful energy. Club For Five is influenced by international pop and jazz, but also rooted in Nordic music tradition in their approach. When touring around the world, the band loves to incorporate sounds of the icy North in their program. The repertoire is primarily in English and Finnish, along with a little Chinese, Russian and other smaller rarities. The Dire Straits anthem Brothers in Arms (from the album You’re the Voice, 2009) has become one of the signature songs of Club For Five. Whether in Asia or elsewhere, the audience rarely allows the singers to leave the stage without hearing the startling deep bass solo.

Currently signed with Warner Music, the Club for Five has released 6 gold selling studio albums. The ensemble is famous for their high level, expertly crafted studio work, and has received multiple Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA) nominations. In 2013 Club for Five made Finnish radio history by winning the “Best Sound Production” award in the 2014 Radio Awards. The winning project was an all-vocal soundscape for the radio program “Aamulypsy”, the all-time biggest and most popular radio morning show in Finland, incl. sound effects and the theme song.

Club for Five is a group that genuinely loves to sing both classical hymns and heavy metal and still always amazes by making it their own and sounding perfectly fluent, no matter what they do. Shifting between or combining musical styles comes naturally to them: being first right at home singing gentle jazz harmonies and then in an instant transforming into a pop group playing tight grooves in a fully fleshed out band sound. The effortless instrumental singing ranges from electric guitars to clarinets, complemented by edgy beats and truly earth shaking bass.

“And now, let’s bring out the balalaikas!”

Audiences are delighted by Club for Fives chameleon-like qualities and tendency to abruptly change direction during the show just to keep it interesting. The band is also known to sometimes fling themselves into daredevil improvisation numbers inspired by stories and requests from the audience.

Club For Five’s versatility has led to collaborations with artists and ensembles ranging from jazz trios to symphony orchestras. For example, the leading Finnish big band UMO Jazz Orchestra has collaborated with the group on multiple projects. In addition, Club For Five works with other groups and singers giving master-classes and lessons both as a band and as individuals. With three Christmas albums in their catalogue, a big annual Christmas tour of Club For Five has become a tradition for many Finns.

In 2015 Club for Five has now been entertaining audiences for 15 years. They have toured internationally and earned a reputation as one of the best and most versatile a cappella groups in the world

In 2020 Club For Five will celebrate its 20th year of singing and enriching the world of a cappella with premium Nordic quality spiced up with a dose of native Finnish craziness. The group stands out with its remarkable versatility. Combination of diverse musical backgrounds and distinctive vocal abilities of the five musicians have laid foundation for striking musical vibrancy and reputation Club For Five has today.

Having released 12 albums Club For Five is world-renowned for high-level studio work. In addition, the gold-selling quintet simply thrives live on stage lifting audiences with their contagious sparkle and unbound repertoire depicting a plethora of different musical styles. Constantly striving for the upmost quality while simultaneously not taking themselves too seriously is a big part of the band’s appeal. The tonal fluidity of the group extends to many genres and locations. Having a blast on big festival stages comes to Club For Five as naturally as an acoustical church performance.