8/12 h21.00
Cuneo, Toselli Theater

Opening act: VoXes

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Not only Italy but the theaters of more than 60 countries and 5 continents around the world have hosted Mezzotono’s music making it the European vocal group with most number of Nations visited with their music.

Our repertoire is performed without any instruments. Only five voices that imitating the sound of the real instruments and with a comical approach encourages audience participation in a nice and never pushy way.  Everybody will be always focused and attracted to the show because otherwise something would be visually “lost”.

The aim is to cover many music styles with Italian songs that goes from jazz to pop, bossa nova, mambo, tango, folklore, big band style or classic music showing that with the voices it is possible to do everything. Entertainment is really important because all the concert is offered with an universal key that is humor (of course speaking in English). In few words the Mezzotono show is a mix of Italian culture, entertainment and quality music.

For these reasons our audience is really different: from the typical listener of the jazz festival to the audience that never was in theater before, everybody can be attracted by the originality of the project.

Some of the best experience are: Dubai Jazz Festival with James Morrison and Jonathan Butler, 12 tours theatre in China, Cairo Opera House concert, Johor Bahru Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival, Boston Green Festival in USA, Jornadas Musicales del Norte in Chile and Argentina, tours in 12 African nations.

In Italy many concerts in theaters and TV (RAI, Mediaset, Sky). Several internationals prizes won in all the world and many nominations to CARA Boston.