Opening act: Up in the Air

23/8 h21.00
Fossano, Piazza XXVII Marzo 1861

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ONAIR’s success story is almost certainly unique in a cappella. They scooped up all of the major international awards in the vocal scene, captivated listeners from Chicago to Taiwan, and sang their way to the top echelon of vocal groups.

ONAIR stands for artful vocal arrangements, groove, an intense energy and stage presence as well as for a strong emotional connection between the singers on stage. And of course for a powerful, transparent and innovative sound design that makes full creative use of today’s technology.

ONAIRs  vocal pop show “VOCAL LEGENDS – Great Voices & Vocal Hits in Pop & Rock” is an a cappella tribute to great music by icons such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Prince, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Queen, Whitney Houston, Coldplay, Linkin Park and many more.

The powerful ONAIR sound, the amazing vocal percussion, the beautiful voices of the singers, each of them a soloist, together blending as one – all this is captivating and touching.

Light and sound merge with the powerful and emotional ONAIR-sound to create an intense show.

VOCAL LEGENDS: A breathtaking Vocal Pop show by ONAIR that will thrill you and will go underneath your skin! Explosive, innovative, dramatic and simply out of this world.

ONAIR are: André Bachmann, Kristofer Benn, Marta Helmin, Jennifer Kothe, Patrick Oliver