Vocalmente Talks

Vocalmente Academy

Have you ever seen a show and guessed: “Wow, how could they reach that level?” Have you ever studied an arrangement and wondered: “Oh, what could this musician have thought in order to compose it?”. Vocalmente Talks are what you need!

During the festival the most important names of international a cappella music will talk about the most interesting and original issues from the vocal music world.

Vocalmente Talks will offer you a renewed idea of ‘masterclass’, in which, thanks to an original mix of teaching and exhibition, you can enter the mind of the greatest international musicians.


Clare Wheeler
“How to reimagine songs to make them your own”
Finding your own sound in songs and writing to your group’s strengths.

Morten Vinther Søresen
“Immersive audio – a buzz word or a game changer?”
The TALK will approach the topic non-scientifically and mainly talk about the differences between “normal” mixing (stereo/left-right) and object-based mixing and how this can help music that has an acoustic ideal (like choir music).

Kevin Fox
“Speed writing – create a song based on a suggestion from the
A fun/creative space. The idea is to take the first musical suggestion someone had and go with it. An exercise in not thinking (or caring) too much, saying “yes!”, and making it work.