Castle Stage

Centrally located in the courtyard of the medieval Castello degli Acaia, the Castle Stage is the chance for your group or choir to shine, to discover vocal talent from near and far and to share your music.

From Friday 24/8 to Sunday 26/8, each afternoon at 18.30, groups get to perform in public on a equipped stage.

The stage is open to soloists, small and large ensembles. Spaces are limited, so send us your biography and an audio recording or a video to and we will choose amongst the entries.

On the stage in this edition

Friday 24/8

The Alfredo’s Box (Italy)

Neilon (Germany)

Saturday 25/8

Vocal Mood (Italy)

5PAC (Germany)

Sunday 26/8

VeraVox (Italy)

Venice Vocal Jam (Italy)

Some of the groups performing on the Castle Stage are involved in the VocalMentor project, by our incredible team of teachers from all over Europe.