Vocalmente Connections

Connections is the latest initiative in our Festival. It is time to let other music contaminate our world, and we will start off with a bang: Dirty Loops will be on the Vocalmente stage!

We asked our Artistic Director to describe what Connection is in his vision.

One day years ago, when I was still studying at the conservatory, I read something that stuck with me. It turned out to be one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received. It went something like this:

“When you have a strong passion for a certain style of music, and it doesn’t matter what genre it is, the best way to honour that particular style and to build a career on it,  is to widen your musical horizons as much as possible.
Awareness is the key. You need not to be fixated on only one aspect of music, on the contrary you have to be able to connect different contexts and filter everything through your own musicality.”
This is why we came up with “Vocalmente Connections”, a way for vocal music lovers to get together and experience something different together. 
We are sure you are as excited as we are about Dirty Loops at Vocalmente!
See you in August!