Vocalmente Daily Shows

Hosted by the VoXes choir, Vocalmente Daily Shows is targeted at all the choirs and/or vocal groups, regardless of the number of members or voice types. It is also open to any musical genre (from classical music, to pop, jazz, folk, etc).

The event is based on the wish to offer a space dedicated to those groups who still have to establish as professional singers and wish to perform in the international context of our vocal Festival.

How to participate

four will select four groups or choirs. To participate to the selection, please send us (info@vocalmente.net) an audio file, a picture and a brief description of your group not later than April 30th. The selected groups will be announced by mid May.

The exhibitions will take place on a dedicated stage in “Piazza della Musica” here in Fossano – where you will find an audio service and a resident sound engineer. All technical and logistic requirements (soundcheck, musical equipment, etc) will be agreed later with the selected groups, but the only instrument allowed for the musical accompaniment during the exhibition will be a piano.

All selected ensembles will receive €1.000. Additionally, each day an audience award will be assigned to one of the groups by the people attending the exhibition, according to the following table:


Groups that also wish to take part to the Festival’s activities, such as Vocalmente Talks, afternoon masterclasses and the four night concerts, can take advantage of the following discounts (if seats are still available):

– 20% up to 8 members
– 30% from 9 to 20 members
– 40% for 21 members or more

The ensembles will pay all their travel and permanence expenses. If needed, we will be pleased to provide some advices for the accommodation (in affiliated hotels or host families).