Artistic Direction


This is our concept for Vocalmente 2023.

We are Rebel Bit, the Festival’s new artistic direction.
Over the years we’ve built a profound bond with Vocalmente, we saw it begin, grow and become one of the most important reference points of both the Italian and international vocal landscape.

What constantly makes us work on our artistic identity is the curiosity and the enthusiasm with which we approach music and all that revolves around it. We are open to new perspectives, but strongly anchored to our roots.

Rebel Bit

Rebel Bit is an innovative team of musicians, united in the aim of creating a soundscape combining vocal music and electronic experimentation.

With their first record production PAPER FLIGHTS (2018), from the show by the same name, they won five nominations at the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (Boston, USA) and five A cappella Video Awards (Los Angeles, USA).

Over the years they took part in some of the most important national and international vocal festivals (Los Angeles a cappella festival, Boston Sings,, Moscow Spring festival, Vocalmente, Solevoci, etc).
In 2021 they also participated in the eleventh edition of the TV show Italia’s Got Talent.
Their second record COME (2021) received two CARA awards as “Best electronic/experimental album” and “Best professional arrangement”.

Their sound is affected by the various influences that have marked the artistic growth of the members of the group (from classical to modern and contemporary music), with an eye to electronic experimentation and innovation.