Fondazione Fossano Musica

FFM logo The Fossano Music Foundation (Fondazione Fossano Musica – or FFM) is a private foundation that operates in the field of music education on a national and international level.

By its nature, music education requires an interdisciplinary approach between different fields of knowledge. However, the study of music in Italy has developed quite separately from the other strands of general education, thus creating a gap which still has logistical and even physical implications.

The Fossano Music Foundation therefore aims to have an organic and open-minded approach to music education, in order to provide musical training to all generations.

Currently, the Foundation manages three Musical Institutes with a total of 1037 students aged from 3 to 70 years: Institute “V. Baravalle” in Fossano (home of the Foundation), Institute “A. Gandino” in the town of Bra, Institute “C. Marenco” in the town of Ceva.

The management of the Foundation is entrusted to Maestro Gianpiero Brignone.

For the last seven years the school has developed a department devoted entirely to Vocal Music and, as part of this, the school is running two choirs, “Voxes” and “Burgos”, courses for Vocal Groups, workshops on Vocal Percussion, Beatbox and Loopstation, programmes on improvisation and Circle Songs.

This shows that also in Italy, a strong interest in this particular genre is developing which is so wide-spread in other countries around the world. Precisely for this reason, to spread the idea of contemporary Vocal Music the Foundation Fossano Music is organising a major public event with international concerts of high quality, with stimulating workshops and educational activities.

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