We all love to sing. Singing brings people joy, it fills us with passion, pleasure and stirs emotions that travel deeply into our soul.

And singing together is the most powerful, immediate and truthful form of communication. When people join in harmony, they forget their differences across borders and transcend them.

VOCALMENTE is a festival in Italy, where vocal music has deep roots!

VOCALMENTE is about community

The joy of singing and the act of sharing are at the very core of what drives each of us in the VOCALMENTE Family. We want to share this joy with the people of Fossano, with the people of Piemonte, of Italy – and connect with the vocal family around the world.
We will carry our voices into the city of Fossano and beyond, without borders.

VOCALMENTE is about commitment

The Festival is firmly rooted in everyday work of the Fondazione Fossano Musica. The school has been for many years at the forefront of promoting contemporary vocal music: through masterclasses & workshops with internationally renowned teachers , with their choirs, and through employing teachers that share its vision and values. We, the Festival Team, are commited to develop and evolve the festival year by year.

VOCALMENTE is about creativity and exploration

Creativity needs space. We are creating space for music making and learning – but we want to go beyond the conventional relationship of teacher – student, of performer – audience. This festival is a place where new things can be created, experiments can happen, improvisation is encouraged. Every year we will expand this area of the festival.

Welcome to the VOCALMENTE Family!