Having a chat with ONAIR


What is the secret behind Onair’s quick rise in the international a cappella music?

Love Love Love – for people for music and for new ideas.
ONAIR started to happen when all of us were very hungry for new challenging experiences but, at the same time, being into too many responsibilities for starting just one more heart project.
ONAIR needs to create facts” was the motto of the time. So this combination of passion and pressure and surely of a nice fate helped us to have a quick start. We were boosted by winning two well known competitions in Aarhus (DK) and Graz (AU) and were lucky enough to find a well organised booker soon. You might say it was the birth of a dream team matching the right time and place with love (love, love).

What is VOCAL LEGENDS? How is it born?

After having done two show-programs (“take off” and “Illuminate”) we came to the point of realizing that our main condiment in repertoire is the fact of being in love with a song.
So in last years brainstorm for our third program we decided to focus on our vocal heroes, who gave us the songs that inspired us to follow and made our hearts sing. The word “legendary” was often to be used that time, so we decided to choose kind of a show-off title that would mirror our approach and at the same time sound big and teasing.

What’s your song-on-a-loop in this period?

Ignoring the fact that some of us refuse to listen to music and that we hardly ever find two of us to have the same favourite song you might say it’s “Shallow”. The Oscar winning title, interpreted by a grown up Lady Gaga and a close to wisdom Bradley Cooper finds it way to touch us. Longing for self-awareness, honesty and deepness it’s an inspiring song to fall into loop with. And we have to anyway: Jenn arranged it already and soon we will record and publish it on Spotify to find out whether it’s worth it.

How do you choose the lead in a song?

André will always sing the star-tenor-rock-numbers. Marta is our diva-of-the-great-feelings-lady. Jenn will perfectly interpret any kind of pop song. Patrick won’t be allowed to sing at all and Kris will do fine on any song nobody else dares to sing.
So these are our rules that are often to be broken. The lead will be changed cause of justness, personal love affairs or despotism of arrangers. Anyway we made it to find peace with any of those decisions so far.

If you had the opportunity to see yourselves 20 years from now, what would ONAIR music sound like?

(*laughing*) There are three visions.
In case some of us will have died of happiness and exhaustion and only Patrick and Jenn would continue, this might result in the most sophisticated kind of live loop music ever heard.
Second is that we – as well matured personalities – get bored of that modern technical stuff and fall back to classical a cappella style, singing the most heartbreaking and heaven occupying kind of vocal music. (*laughing*)
Third and still thinkable fiction is us, still carried by the wings of song and passion, continuing using the latest fancy technical possibilities on a most possible high level of vocal art and music entertainment with great light-show, big stages and euphoric audiences all over the world…