Anders Edenroth & The Real Group

Born in Stockholm, Anders started playing piano and singing in choirs at an early age.

From ages 10 to 20 studying at Adolf Fredrik’s School of Music in Stockholm he experienced a strong focus on choir singing.

Continuing with five years of studies at The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, he and his fellow-students formed an a cappella quintet – The Real Group.

In the two years following their Masters qualifications, all five group members studied together on a specially-designed postgraduate course resulting in a diploma of the highest standing.

For The Real Group Anders Edenroth has written and published many original songs, and arrangements of well-known standards, constantly exploring the development of new vocal textures and the integration of vocal percussion and rhythmic effects. He has been awarded several grants from The Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs and Swedish Performing Rights Society (STIM).

He has also worked as a keyboard player within the jazz and pop domain and as a writer of television scores and music for commercials.

Over the years he has engineered and produced albums for many artists as well as arranging music for other vocal groups, for big bands, symphony orchestras and stage shows. Since 1989 he has been a full-time singer performing with The Real Group in more than 40 countries and has recorded 20 albums, many of which he also produced.

Anders is also much appreciated for his many masterclass workshops, both at the two major TRG Festivals, and at venues on their international tours.
His off-stage interests include cooking (which leaks into some of his compositional ideas) and environmental conservation.

One of his favourite influences is Stevie Wonder although he listens to all kinds of music. He thinks that if not a musician, his creative instincts might have manifested as an inventor and he plans to one day publish a book entitled ‘Incredible Inventions’ or ‘Totally Ingenius’.