Vocalmente Academy & VocalMentor

Morten Vinther


Growing up musically in a blooming Danish choral environment, Morten started to dig into contemporary a cappella singing at The Academy of Music in Aalborg. As one of the first graduates from the unique masters programme in Aalborg, he was involved with various Danish groups – VOX11, Postyr, VoxNorth & Songs of the Moment – before joining The Real Group in 2010.

Combing the constantly evolving methods and curiosity from The Real Group with concepts like “the intelligent choir”, circle singing and physical rhythm training, Morten has a broad palette of pedagogical tools and topics that he includes in his teaching.

Katarina Henryson

Singing has been her chosen means of expression ever since her early schooling at Adolf Fredrik´s Music school in Stockholm, Sweden. Although she took a glance at the piano and the cello, singing remained the main focus through her training at the Stockholm Royal Academy of Music. During the 1990´s she was active as studio and backing vocalist in the fields of pop and soul.

Since 1984, as one of the founding members of The Real Group, Katarina has contributed to the group with her flexible altovoice and distinctive stage presence as well as with numerous compositions.

Together with The Real Group she has performed thousands of concerts all over the world and her voice can be heard on more than 20 of the group´s cd´s.

As a workshop-leader with models for choirs and vocal ensembles her experience is as vast as the artistic career.

Since leaving the group in 2016 her energy is divided between the continuing career as a singer as well as towards developing The Real Group Academy. She has recorded a Duo cd ”High Low Or in Between”  together with  cellist and composer Svante Henryson released on BIS/Naxos.

Since 2017 she has been collaborating with performance artist Lynsey Peisinger whom she met in the role of being the vocal coordinator on a Performance piece called the Cleaner by Marina Abramovic. As a duo they present workshops and performance works called Sonic and Energetic spaces that involve choirs.

Katarina has always been drawn to the jazzy side of music and nourished an interest in improvisation. Since 2013 together with members of Rajaton, Vox North and Zap Mama Katarina is part of the A Cappella improvisation group Songs of The Moment.

The directness of the human voice has always been in the centre of Katarina´s interest. With Songs of The Moment and in a workshopformat she calls Voicefulness she is creating a platform for this to evolve even more.

Kevin Fox

Baritone/mouth drummer/coach/arranger/adjudicator and Toronto native Kevin Fox is a recognized voice in the world of contemporary a cappella.

For the last eleven years he has toured the globe with the Grammy-winning supergroup The Swingles, following on the heels of his nine-year stint with Toronto’s Juno-nominated vocal band Cadence.

He serves as Artistic Director of the Israeli choral project Vocalocity, and in 2017 he served as Music Director on the British television programme Sing: Ultimate A Cappella.

Most recently Kevin was an instructor at Europa Cantat in Tallinn, and he has been an adjudicator for various vocal festivals worldwide. His improvisation workshops including “Sing Without a Safety Net” and “Beatbox and Beyond” have received rave reviews across North America and Europe.

Jussi Chydenius

“I was born in Helsinki in 1972. Because of my parents’ professions (a composer and a theatre director) I was very much involved in music and theatre from an early age. My interest in music evolved from constant listening into playing the drums at the age of fourteen. By chance and with lots of luck it became also my occupation after finishing high school in 1991. I was a founding member in a Finnish rock band ‘Don Huonot’ from 1989 until 2001. At times I also played the drums in the tour bands of many Finnish singers.

I got to know choral singing in the Sibelius High School in Helsinki, where I sang in the chamber choir together with Essi and Virpi. I was swept away with the beauty of choral music. Later, I sang 2nd bass in the chamber choir ‘Grex Musicus’, where I also got to know Soila and Ahti.

I wrote my first a cappella songs in 1995. In the fall of 1997 I was very fortunate to get five of my talented and ambitious friends to join me in singing those songs – Rajaton was born. I am very proud for what we have accomplished since then.

I compose and arrange music for other groups and choirs as well. The Finnish publisher Sulasol and Oxford University Press have published some of my work.

My primary hobby thesedays is politics. I was elected to the City Council of Helsinki in 2001. Whenever I have the time, I am up for a game of soccer, basketball or badminton.”

Erik Bosio

Erik Mikael Bosio is a Swedish-Italian singer, composer, arranger, producer, choir conductor.
Born in Genoa, Italy, in 1983, he has studied piano and composition at the city’s conservatory “N. Paganini”. He has also studied jazz singing at the “A.Vivaldi” conservatory in Alessandria.

An expert in vocal music, he’s a well-esteemed voice, arrangement and recording techniques teacher across The Real Festival (Stockholm), London A Cappella Festival, Los Angeles A Cappella Festival and Aarhus A Cappella Festival (Denmark).

Bosio is the founding member of Cluster one of the most renowned Italian vocal ensembles, brought to public attention through The Italian XFactor.

Multi-nominated at the CARA – Contemporary Acappella Recording Awards – the has won “Best Original Song”, “Best Holiday Song”, “Best Jazz Album” and “Best European Album”.
He’s an esteemed arranger and producer of the acappella scene as well as the Italian pop-rock one. He has produced and recorded artists like Morgan, Marco Mengoni, The Swingle Singers (UK) and The Real Group.

His works are published in Austria by Helloing Publishing and, in Germany, by Ferramontana Publishing.

Letizia Poltini


Letizia was born in Genoa on 22/08/1984. She studied music since early childhood and graduated in piano at the age of 20. She has been working as rehearsal accompanist and stage assistant in several opera houses. She coaches singers and choirs in every music genre, from opera to pop.

As a singer, she has been giving many masterclasses in ensemble music for a cappella and choral groups, both in Italy and abroad. Since 2005 she is the soprano of the vocal group Cluster and she has being performing with them in Italy, Europe, Russia and USA. She recorded in studio five times with Cluster – three of those recordings has been awarded at CARA’s (Contemporary A Capella Recording Awards), and she has been awarded as “2015 – Best jazz arrangement” for the arrangement of “Il nostro concerto” by Umberto Bindi. She appeared in many television programs, including X-Factor 2008, during which she worked with Morgan, Fiorello, Marco Mengoni and other well-known Italian artists.

She composes and arranges many pieces for Clusters and other vocal and choral ensembles that range from classical music to jazz, from pop to rock; one of his first original arrangement for choir, “Changes”, was published by Helbling and many of his arrangements have been performed in Vocalmente past editions by “Numeri Primi” and “Voxes”, and they both recorded those pieces in their albums.