Not only evening concerts, but little vocal shots during the days of the Festival! Walking in the streets of Cuneo you will find the following groups:

Greensleeves Gospel Choir (open air, 9/12)

Largo Audiffredi, December 9th, h18.00 – in collaboration with IllumiNatale

VoXes (opening, 8/12)

Teatro Toselli, December 8th, h21.00 

Greensleeves Gospel Choir

GREENSLEEVES GOSPEL CHOIR  was founded in 1992 through the initiative of Fausto Caravati aimed at bringing together young people eager to express themselves through warm gospel music. 

Since its birth, the G.G.C. has performed in about of 1000 concerts held in churches, theaters and squares in Italy and abroad; as well as on some of the major Italian and international musical stages. 

In December 1998 he performed Robert Ray’s Gospel Mass for the first time in Italy. In December 2002, for the tenth anniversary of its foundation, it performs the Christmas concert Christmas is Coming accompanied by the New Garden Pop Orchestra string orchestra. 

On October 31, 2019, he is invited by the Don Gnocchi Foundation to the Vatican, Paul IV Hall where he sings for Pope Francis. 

In May 2021, “Solevoci” selected 18 of the best Italian gospel voices to accompany Andrea Bocelli in a song on “The Journey,” the tour the tenor made to some significant places along the Via Francigena. 

In the evocative setting of the remains of the Abbey of San Galgano of the same name, Fausto Caravati conducted the “Solevoci and Friends” choir in a moving Hallelujah by Cohen with Andrea Bocelli and Tori Kelly on the notes of the “40 Fingers Guitar Quartet.” 

The choir also accompanied Tori Kelly on two of her most famous hits, “Never Alone” and “Soul’s Anthem,” the latter a cappella. 

September 1997 saw the release of “The Gospel Train,” the choir’s first recording effort, which was followed in January 1999 by the release of the first Live CD “Everybody Let’s Praise The Lord.” 

In 2001, the first collection of Italian Gospel was released in which a song from the last recording work is included. 

In December 2007 the GGC presented the CD, Live at Varese Gospel Festival on the occasion of its 15th year of activity. 

The choir’s latest CD “A Gospel Heart” was recorded in Varese in November 2015.
Compared to the previous works (4 CDs) of the GGC, this new CD reveals, from the very first listenings, a renewed musical maturity that comes to life not only from the artistic growth of the choristers but also from the countless concerts (about 1000) performed throughout Italy and abroad (with several competitions won), and from multiple collaborations with important exponents of the Italian and international music scene. “A Gospel Heart” was born from the great passion for music composed, played and sung from the heart, learning from the lesson of the Gospel greats, but with the firm will to present something very personal and distinctive every time. Produced and distributed in Italy and abroad by Solevoci, it benefits from the artistic direction of Fausto Caravati. 

The ensemble currently consists of about 25 choristers, usually accompanied by piano and percussion, but also performs with the use of backing tracks.


VoXes grew out of the educational offerings of Fondazione Fossano Musica.

The group currently consists of 20 members, performs songs from 4 to 8 voices written and arranged specifically for the group: from jazz to pop and world music to experimentation, 100% a cappella.

In 2005 Andrea Figallo and Albert Hera both have created an innovative choir to promote contemporary a cappella music in Italy.

The choir’s first record “ DIECI ” was released in June 2017

This EP is like a journey of the Italian traditional singing: the unmistakable sound of the language creates famous tunes all over there world, under direction of the maestro and musical director Lorenzo Subrizi.

Since 2021 Guido Giordana is their new conductor.